Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to all Inland Theatre League Award Nominees and Winners!
All Winners are marked with asterisks**

Congrats to CAT’s 2012 ITL Nominees.  Awards dinner is April 28, 2013 EVENT DETAILS

All Shook Up

**Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director
Courtney Ladd as Henrietta
**Gabrielle Green as Sylvia
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
Joey Wahhab as Chad
Josh Wenig for Vocal Director
Kelsey Coovert as Natalie
**Matt Dunn as Dennis


**Courtney Ladd as Rusty
**Gabrielle Green as Vi Moore
**Matt Dunn as Ren McCormack

My Son Pinocchio

Cyndi Monroe for Co-Director
Grant Palmer as Pinocchio
**Hayley Howe as Blue Fairy
**Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
Lori Hennebelle for Co-Director
**Lori Hennebelle for Costumes
**Matt Dunn as Stromboli

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A.J. Paulin as Benjamin
**Chad Colllins as Adam
Dan Monroe for Director
Danae Lane as Alice
Emily Green for Set Design
**Ethan Park as Gideon
**Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
Josh Wenig for Vocal Director
**Julie Ann Thomazin as Milly

The Aristocats

**Cameron Barnett as Thomas O’Malley

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

Bethie Van Druten as Mrs. Lambchop
Kathleen Poole for Costumer
**Michael Walton as Stanley Lambchop

Oliver 2010

**Brianna Lopez for Vocal Direction
**Matt Dunn as Fagin
**Gavin Gray as Artful Dodger
**Gabrielle Green as Nancy
Adam Higelin as Oliver Twist
Aran Broderick for Makeup Design
Beverly Baird for Costumer
Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director
Gabrielle Green as Nancy
Gavin Gray as Artful Dodger
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer

Emperors New Clothes

**Isaac Monroe as Barry Weisel
**Bryan Richardson as Francis Cinatra
**Lori Hennebelle for Costumes

Route 66

Ensemble Award:
**Andrew Monroe
**Andrew Pervorse
**Matt Eden *
**Ben Stultz *
**Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
**Ben Stultz as Vocal Dir Andrew Monroe as Quartet Member/Soloist
Andrew Monroe for Staging Director
* Indicates Founder’s Award

Oh No Christmas Show

**Amy Basilan as Sally Adams
Isaac Monroe as Benny

Cinderella Enchanted

Aran Broderick for Makeup & Hair
Bryan Richardson as Lionel
Lori Hennebelle for Costumer
Nicole Shelton as Stepmother
Sarah Adams as Grace

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director
Cyndi Monroe for Director
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
Isaac Monroe as Huck Finn
Matt Dunn as Tom Sawyer
Zach Talbert as Reverend Sprague/Doc Robinson

The Foreigner

Cyndi Monroe as Betty Meeks
Isaac Monroe as Ellard Simms
Joe Impastato as Owen Musser
Roger Schoepf as Charlie Baker