CAT Corona presents SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN

 MAY 19-28, 2017


Singin’ in the Rain has all the makings of a Tinseltown tabloid headline – the starlet, the leading man and a love affair that could change lives and make or break careers! In silent movies, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are a hot item but, behind the scenes, things aren’t always as they appear on the big screen! Meanwhile, Lina’s squeaky voice might be the end of her career in “talking pictures” without the help of a talented young actress to do the talking and singing for her.

It is a musical filled with every memorable moment from the film and a downpour of unforgettable songs.

Singin’ in the Rain Cast List – IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE

Dora Bailey – Haylee Mazmanian

Zelda Zanders – Peyton Newsome                J. Cumberland Spendrill III- Zach Delgado

Olga Mara – Mikayla Amaya                          Escort- Patrick McIver

Mary Margaret – Ashley Carlstrom              Escort- Matthew Hope

R.F. Simpson – Connor Rudolph

Roscoe Dexter – Brody Nguyen

Cosmo Brown – Josh Higbee

Lina Lamont – Gracie Aguirre

Don Lockwood – Justin Ward

Young Don – Emma Fullerton

Young Cosmo – Garrett Gonta

Villian – Patrick McIver

Lady –in- Waiting – Peyton Newsome

Swordsmen – Philip Higelin, Mason Bell, Mathew Damian, Ayden Nelson

Rod – Troy Lankard

Kathy Selden – Madi Pettijohn

Policeman – Philip Higelin

1st Assistant Director- Mallory Bell

2nd Assistant Director- Heather Hemsley

3rd Assistant Director- Hope Hemsley

Production Singer – Zach Delgado

Sid Phillips – Ayden Nelson

Miss Dinsmore – Danielle Defoe

Male Diction Teacher – Josh Monteleone

Man on Screen – Matthew Hope

Sound Engineer – Mason Bell

Girl Ensemble – Zoe Liuag, Peyton Newsome, Sophia Defranco, Brayden Kendall, Desiree Sarkis, Victoria Karr, Juliana Kilgore, Mykie Ramirez, Desiree Huete, Ashley Carlstrom, Ava Cusiter

Dream Ensemble – Haylee Mazmanian, Zach Delgado, Philip Higelin, Ayden Nelson, Rory Nguyen, Hailey Pierson, Emma Lange, Claire Pettijohn, Josh Monteleone, Jaired Mason, Matthew Hope, Mikayla Amaya, Mason Bell, Gracie Barnett, Rochelle Haddad, Sierra Gairing, Patrick McIver, Mallory Bell, Jillian Ferre, Matthew Damian, Faith Wills, Claire Amaya, Danielle Defoe, Erica Crider

Acting Ensemble – Rochelle Haddad, Mason Bell, Heather Hemsley, Hope Hemsley, Claire Amaya, Danielle Defoe, Gracie Barnett, Mallory Bell, Matthew Hope, Matthew Damian, Garrett Gonta

Melody/Tap Ensemble –Philip Higelin, Sierra Gairing, Zoe Liuag, Ava Cusiter, Ayden Nelson, Rory Nguyen, Emma Fullerton, Emma Lange, Claire Pettijohn, Sophia Defranco, Desiree Sarkis, Victoria Karr, Desiree Huete, Juliana Kilgore, Josh Monteleone, Brayden Kendall

Melody Ensemble – Hailey Pierson, Ashley Carlstrom, Zach Delgado, Rochelle Haddad, Mason Bell, Jillian Ferre, Heather Hemsley, Hope Hemsley, Faith Wills, Mikayla Amaya, Claire Amaya, Danielle Defoe, Mykie Ramirez, Gracie Barnett, Mason Bell, Mallory Bell, Patrick McIver, Jaired Mason, Matthew Hope, Matthew Damian, Garrett Gonta, Erica Crider

More parts to be given out

Auditions are March 24 & 25. Call the office at 951.279.2298 to set up your audition time slot. You must be registered in a spring class in order to audition.

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