Junior Theatre League – West will host some of CAT’s best talent!!

AladdinfinallogoCAT’S GOIN’ ON A FIELD TRIP!!!  JTFWest, or Junior Theatre League-West will be hosting a conference and competition among some of the finest children’s theatre companies on the West Coast.

CAT will be sending some of their finest actors to compete by performing the Disney show Aladdin.  The Festival will take place February 10th, 11th and 12th in the upcoming 2017 year.  Congratulations to our cast!

JTFWEST Cast of Aladdin

Aladdin: Josh Higbee

Jasmine: Madi Pettijohn

Genie: Josh Monteleone

Sultan: Connor Rudolph

Jafar: Sam Carlsen

Iago: Grace Aguirre

Razoul: Patrick McIver


Ensemble: (Parts TBD)

Ava Cusiter, Matthew Damian, Coryn McGowan, Katie James, Hailey Pierson, Rory Nguyen, Brody Nguyen, Desiree Huete, Brayden Kendall, Claire Pettijohn, Sierra Gairing, Caitlyn Rice, Danielle Leon, Emma Lange, Kaylee Osbrink, Ayden Nelson, Sophie DeFranco, Haylee Mazmanian, Jillian Ferre


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