About Us

Who Are We?

Christian Arts & Theatre of Corona(CAT) is an after-school theater and visual arts educational program for students ages 6-18. CAT is committed to building up kids through excellence in the arts as well as modeling for them the highest morals through traditional Biblical values. All CAT Instructors are qualified professionals, who not only give the children valuable skills in every aspect of creative arts, but also understand our fundamental goals. View our list of Awards & Recognition.

Our Vision

To enrich the life of individuals, families, and the community through experiences in the arts within an atmosphere of positive Biblical values. See images from our CAT IN THE COMMUNITY album on facebook.

Our Mission

Christian Arts & Theatre is an inclusive & dynamic organization where people will find training & experiences in the visual & performing arts, a sense of what excellence requires, valuable friendships, connection to the community, and honor for God, the family, and the individual.

What Are Our Values & Objectives

  1. Awakening & developing a person’s artistic abilities while shaping those aspects of character which include commitment, self-discipline, supportiveness, resilience, honesty, and hope. .
  2. Promoting a family’s bond by encouraging togetherness toward a worthwhile common goal.
  3. Providing our community with quality family entertainment and becoming a positive cultural force.
  4. Contributing to our community’s aesthetic and moral imagination.
  5. Serving adult & child, participant & patron, with respect, kindness and fun.

How Does Our Program Work?

Throughout the year, CAT offers programs and classes for children as an after-school activity conducted in ten-week sessions. Acting, dance and other performing arts along with visual arts like drawing, painting and fine crafts are offered Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Times vary according to the class generally between the hours of 4:30 and 8:30pm. Dance classes meet for an 1 1/2 hours each week, all other classes meet for 2 hours weekly. Enrolled students have the opportunity to audition and perform on stage, or work behind the scenes in a major theatrical production performed at the Corona Civic Center Theater.

Program Features

  1. Theater and visual arts classes
  2. Major theatrical productions
  3. “Literature Alive” program – Field trips bringing school children to live theater productions.
  4. Week Long Summer Day Camp
  5. Touring Community Performance Groups
  6. Lifelong Friendships

A Message from Our Artistic Director

A Message from Our Artistic DirectorDuring the course of a production at CAT of Corona, the members of the audience will be witnesses to a miracle: Watching children, some who have absolutely no theater experience, literally blossom before our eyes into confident performers. Here at CAT of Corona, we are helping children experience this for themselves. CAT benefits our community by providing arts and culture to families in the Inland Empire through high quality, wholesome musicals. We are an unparalleled youth theater program that builds self-discipline and self-confidence while teaching a love for the arts. We fill a tremendous need, especially since the arts have virtually disappeared from school budgets. I welcome all families in our community to join us. We are in the business of truly building character in our kids!

Cyndi Monroe
CAT-Corona President and Artistic Director