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- Upcoming Events -

Winter Wonderettes

Show Dates: December 15-17th
Presale Tickets: $16 Adults $14 Seniors, Children, Students, $2 more at the door

Friday, Dec. 15: 7:30pm
Saturday, Dec. 16: 2pm & 7:30pm
Sunday, Dec. 17: 2pm

This is the 3rd show in a series about The Wonderettes: four women who were in high school together. This Christmas show takes place 10 years after High School in 1968. This show is sure to be a great holiday event!

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CAT Auditions

Audition Details:
*Must be enrolled in a class to be eligible!
Vocal Auditions

Friday night Signups are on the first day of classes. Prepare a 1 min. portion of a song (verse or chorus) to be performed in front of the directors. Must be accompanied by a karaoke track on cd or ipod. No acapella. Vocal audtions are open.

Dancing Auditions

Saturday morning Time will be assigned by the choreographer. Auditioners should come dressed to dance with conservative but comfortable clothing. The choreographer will teach everyone the dance in a group setting, then auditioners will perform the dance for the directors in groups of 4 or 5. Dance auditions are closed.

Casting Results

We post the results of who is cast on Saturday afternoon. Please be present when it is posted since the callback list is also posted. If your child is asked to be called back, they will be asked to stay and read for the parts the directors are considering them for. If your child is called back, it is a full day so please schedule accordingly. In other words leave your plans open.

Cast of A Christmas Story

Jean Shepherd/Narrator: Wyatt Mitchison
Ralphie Parker: Ryder Thompson
Mother Parker: Hailey Pierson
The Old Man: Sam Carlsen
Randy: Mason Audiss
Schwartz: Drake Lyons
Flick: Ryan Smith
Esther Jane: Sierra Gairing
Mary Beth: Erica Crider
Scut Farkus: Mason Bell
Grover Dill: Ian Nelson
Miss Shields: Brayden Kendall
Santa: Patrick McIver

Ensemble: Josh Higbee, Coryn Mcgowan, Delaney Dahlin, Mykie Ramirez, Haylee Mazmanian, Laura Andrews, Mikayla Amaya, Claire Amaya, Payton Estep, Danielle Leon, Olivia Bertilsson, Desiree Sarkis, Brooke Maurer, Desiree Huete, Emma Lange, Faith Wills, Rory Nguyen, Kaitlynn Osbrink, Emma Green, Jaylen Vann, Logan Curtis, Claire Meyer, Leah Higelin, Addison Kendall, Ethan Audiss, Emma Fullerton, Robert Seide, Kaya Miller, Ava Cusiter, Ayden Nelson, Juliana Kilgore, Erin Rust, Matthew Hope, Garrett Gonta, Levi Gomes, Mya Ramirez, Reagan Laux, Claire Pettijohn, Madi Pettijohn, Grace Aguirre, Peyton Newsome, Ashley Carlstrom, Samantha Carlstrom, Reagan Carlstrom, Connor Rezner, Matthew Damian

*More roles and ensembles to be assigned

*Disclaimer: To audition for any CAT production, a child must be at least 8 years old but not more than 18 years old (or graduated from high school) and currently enrolled in a CAT class. Children 7 years old (or younger) may not audition even if they turn 8 during the course of the rehearsals for the production.